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Mummification Bondage

Mummification bondage is a new practice related with BDSM that is becoming more and more popular in the recent years. As the other practices that are common in sadomasochism, mummification bondage has strong connection with feelings of domination and submission, and refers to a realization of a sexual fantasy that for some people may seem unusual or even bizarre. For some reason, people engaged to mummification bondage feel an intense sexual arousal and pleasure by being wrapped in bandages, and even being bound and encapsulated in a coffin after that.

On the internet you may find plenty of information of what kind of material and what are the exact techniques used for mummification bondage. Besides the traditional technique of wrapping the partner in bandages, you may even find websites that sell kits with a special black tape imitating latex that may be used for mummification bondage as well.

Needless to say that mummification bondage implies a lot of restrictions and precautions. There has to be a strong connection of trust between the dominant part and the person who’s going to be mummified. It’s also a practice that also needs to be completely, 100% consensual, otherwise, it may be even faced as a crime of aggression. Mummification bondage also requires precaution and training to not suffocate the person who’s playing the submissive part.

Some people who are engaged to mummification bondage also reports a connection with the feeling of being immortal which was associated with mummification in ancient Egypt, preserving the body youth to immemorial times.  As the other types of practices related with BDSM, there’s nothing wrong in enjoying different sensations with such unusual practice, since performed carefully.

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