What is Tantric sexuality?

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What is Tantric sex? This question may come up to you if you have ever heard about the Ancient Sanskrit texts or the Indian mystical traditions. Tantric sex, in Sanskrit, means “that which unites”, “union” or “adhesion” and “spiritual intercourse”. Tanta is the word translated in English into Tantra. That is, Tantric sex is a philosophy that describes the path of achieving and maintaining sexual union with a higher power as a path to ultimate freedom.

Tantric sex, also called spiritual sex, is one of the most ancient of sexual practices in India and ancient China. It combines aspects of love making, bodily intimacy, spiritual meditation and ejaculation. Tantric sex, or tantra sex, usually refers to an assortment of practices taken on in a yogic or ritualistic context, sometimes associated with impure activities such as consumption of meat, and offering of impure objects to female deities, or sometimes, rites of passage. The term was used by the sexologists Gautama Buddha and Maharishi Pantanjali, as well as the Kama Sutra of India and the Tantric scriptures of Tibet.

Ancient Indian tantra discovered the role that conscious and subconscious minds play in sexual pleasure. In the tantric sciences sex is seen not as a release of erotic energy but as the union of two souls – the male and female – in order to achieve a higher level of connection and spiritual realization. The ancient Indian tantra believed that lovemaking was not something to be experienced, but a process that must be practiced and achieved. So how does one master this art of lovemaking? The answer is found in the ancient Indian texts and in the tantric teachings of the Kama Sutra. These teachings contain descriptions of the techniques that were used not only in the union of the two partners’ souls, but also to help them reach a state of full consciousness and eventually transcend life and death.

Ancient tantric teachings say that to master tantric sexuality you need to practice certain techniques. Tantra sex is thought to be the path to achieving greater knowledge and consciousness. It is said that to be able to fully awaken in your spirit, you must first know and achieve kama yoga – Eight Hours Straight – which is tantric sex according to the Kama Sutra. This ancient Indian text describes how the act of sex is not something to be ashamed of but rather, something to celebrate. This ancient Indian text teaches us that true tantric sex is something that can give us a heightened sense of intimacy and spiritual connection.

Mastering tantric lovemaking starts with understanding the nature of our divine feminine and our divine masculine. According to the Kama Sutra, tantric energy is always connected – a bond between the two partners. Our spiritual relationships are guided by our tantric relationships with our partners. To discover our divine masculine and divine feminine, we first need to know what these are.

The first technique is called the tantra massage. A tantra massage is a massage designed to intensify sexual arousal and intimacy. A man orgasms from the pressure of a deep, penetrating massage. A woman’s body reacts to the stretching and pulling of the massage. A woman may even experience tears flowing down her cheeks from the intense stimulation.

Another technique for achieving intense tantric sexuality is the tantric sex position called the doggy style. In this specific sexual position, the man sits on top of the woman and places his face so close to her neck that it is almost touching her. He then uses his hands to begin fondling and caressing her breasts and stomach. He uses his tongue in between her toes and slides it up and down inside her. This position provides the maximum amount of sexual stimulation and orgasm.

Tantric sex is not about lust and desire, it is about giving and receiving pleasure. Tantra believes that all pleasure comes from your relationship to your partner. Tantric sensuality teaches us to let go of our fears and to be ourselves openly. Tantric techniques let go of our guilt complex and embrace true self expression. When we practice tantra and learn tantra techniques, we let go of our fears and can embrace the power of the Goddess within to release our fears and embrace the pleasure making power of the Goddess within.